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I was just listening to COLD- by cold, of course ...

And I was just noticing how much Scooter's voice has progressed since that C.D. For the better, I believe. He sang too deep in that one... kind of like he was singing with a little too much of something, dunno what. Don't get me wrong, I like the CD, but... Yeah. Has anyone noticed that too?

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I actually did notice that, but that's what I really liked about it, they had a different sound. I like their new stuff don't get me wrong, but the Cold CD kind of sticks out for me because Scooter sounds so ....different..

YOU'RE LISTENING TO LOSTPROPHETS!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU (Because no one I know listens to them)
Ha ha! Yeah, I've only heard this song... I'm going to have to beg my Mom to buy the CD. I'm so lame... can't even buy my own shit! Ahhh... oh well. Yeah. My favorite CD of their's is "13w.t.b.o.s"...
yea man I noticed his progression. HIs voice use to be real nasaly before...
His diction has improved since then. I read somewhere that he was actually working on his vocals for YOTS, like getting training. It could have been a rumor, but he really has improved his breathing technique and diction at lot...
You by far have the best journal i have ever seen! are you a member of the Cold Army? email me @ or im's yahoo-alongcame13spiderss or aol-stumpmetiny
i love his vocals on that cd :) but i can defintly notice some change in his voice on the yots
Of course. Either way he sings, Scooter is just amazing ... and I love Thirteen Ways To Bleed On Stage, it is by a long run, the best CD ever made ...

Ihave, but i love the way he sounds anyway